Welcome to the Mobile App Selection Tool!

Welcome to the Mobile App Selection Tool!

The Athabasca University Assistive Technology team is pleased to present the Mobile App Selection Tool. This tool allows you to research and explore various apps in our library and request the ones that you would like us to deploy to you. To begin, you can learn more about how the AU Mobile App Selection Tool works or start exploring the apps in our library.

In addition to being able to request apps for deployment, you can now share your experiences with peers through this blog. Each week we will be featuring an app from our ever-growing library and discuss its features and benefits. If you feel that the app is a potential fit, we encourage you to submit a request through the app library.

Afterwards, we would appreciate your rating and review of the app using the “Reviews” tab found on the individual app page

AU App Review

If you have any questions or comments about a specific app, please feel free to use this blog to ask.

Best of luck with your studies!

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