Voice Dream Writer

Voice Dream Writer
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Voice Dream Writer


Product Description

App Type: Text-to-speech / Speech-to-text

Are you often frustrated by the writing process? Do you often experience writers’ block? Voice Dream Writer may be the answer to these common frustrations. With built-in structuring tools that automatically create outlines based on your headings, verbal proofreading, word finders for those hard-to-spell words, word counters and document search capabilities, this tool simplifies the entire writing process. This app connects with Dropbox and Google Drive to help you work anywhere and anytime without losing your train of thought. Compatible with Microsoft Word and Apple Pages.

Developer URL: https://www.voicedream.com/writer/

App Store URL: httpss://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/voice-dream-writer/id920583100?mt=8
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Additional Information

Learning Skills Addressed




Oral Communication

Reasoning / Logical Thinking

Content Organization Tool

Analysis & Synthesis Tool


Hearing what I have written out loud helps me to correct my writing, I can’t always remember how to spell words, I type very slowly, Spell check helps me find my spelling errors, Word prediction helps me to write


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