Voice Dream Reader

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Voice Dream Reader


Product Description

App Type: Text-to-speech in your pocket

Wouldn’t it be a dream to have someone narrate all the text you come across? It is a dream – albeit, Voice Dream Reader! This all-encompassing virtual text-to-speech app reads aloud your PDFs, Word, PowerPoint, documents, e-books, and web pages! With 36 voices and 24 supported languages, as well as bookmarking capabilities, you can start or stop anywhere in your document or web page and resume reading at a later time. A built-in dictionary helps you learn new words, and accessibility features such as active highlighting, zoom, and auto-scroll makes reading course materials easier. Awkward sentence structure, grammatical errors and typos can be quickly spotted!

Developer URL: https://www.voicedream.com/reader/

App Store URL: httpss://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/voice-dream-reader/id496177674?mt=8
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Auditory Processing

Visual Processing

Sensory input


I need to use a dictionary to understand some words while I am reading, I remember information better when I hear it out loud


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