OneNote (Android)


OneNote (Android)


Product Description

OneNote is a powerful and multi-purpose tool that allows you take notes on the spot in a variety of formats. You can treat the app as if it were a block of sticky/post-it notes combined together in a digital notebook, all without the hassle of carrying a physical one around.

Here are some examples of how this app might be helpful for you:

  • Type out on-the-spot notes (e.g. important reminders, tips, to-do lists etc)
  • Take a picture using the iPad camera and paste it to OneNote (great for capturing diagrams, charts, graphs etc for future studying)
  • Record an audio note and play it back for when it’s more convenient (e.g. tutorial, lecture etc)
  • Scribble, handwrite and/or draw your notes using different pen colours and shapes

Other useful features include:

  • The ability to easily create, edit, delete, rename, search, sort, copy and organize your notes into sections/categories
  • If you need some notes more than others, you can “pin them” so they always show up first
  • Working on a collaborative project? You can share access to your notes with peers, allowing all of you to work together on the same set of notes
  • Access your notes on your Mac, iPhone, iPad and other devices at any time

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Additional Information

Learning Skills Addressed

Content Organization


Memory and Retention




I have difficulty planning papers or written assignments

Planning and Organization

I have difficulty getting my assignments done


I like to highlight information while I am reading to help me remember


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