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Product Description

App Type: Note-taking / concept mapping

Bring life and depth to your handwritten notes with Noteability! This app serves as a blank canvas that allows you to take notes, sketch ideas, annotate PDFs, photos, and record audio. Colour, various fonts and endless graphics can be used to construct and articulate your thoughts in a creative and effective manner. Use your fingers to handwrite, sketch, and make notes on the go. Use the recording feature to record audio from face-to-face lectures and revisit them at a more convenient time. Connect this app to your iCloud, Dropbox, or Google Drive accounts to access your notes in real-time across your iPad, iPhone, and Mac devices.

Developer URL:

App Store URL: httpss://

Additional Information

Learning Skills Addressed

Planning / Time Management

Reasoning / Logical Thinking

Content Organization Tool

Analysis & Synthesis Tool

Creativity Tool

Auditory Processing

Visual Processing


I remember information better when I hear it out loud


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