Natural Reader

Natural Reader
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Natural Reader


Product Description

App Type: Text-to-speech

If you enjoy adding life to text, Natural Reader is your cup of tea! This is a text-to-speech tool that lets you convert PDF, MS Word, and e-book content into spoken words. But it’s not just any sounding words – there are thirty different sounding accents with eight ranges in speed! You can also use this app to read back books, assignments, and other text content, enhancing your learning experience. This is great for fine-tuning your communication skills as it allows you to listen to words and master skillful pronunciation.

Developer URL:

App Store URL: httpss://

Additional Information

Learning Skills Addressed

Reading, Writing, Spelling, Oral Communication

Analysis & Synthesis Tool

Auditory Processing, Visual Processing

Sensory input


Hearing what I have written out loud helps me to correct my writing


I need to read a passage over several times before I understand it


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