Idea Flip (formerly Idea Sketch)
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Product Description

App Type: Mind mapping

Take your ideas to another level with Ideament! Conceptualize your ideas using various fonts, shapes, visual diagrams, maps, etc., to form an ultimate mind map creation. You can switch between various forms of mapping and create an entirely different map each time. This is terrific for organizing step-by-step instructions, visually representing theories and processes, as well as essay and assignment planning – among other things! Save files as PDF, PNG, OPML and more. You can even create diagrams from word documents, allowing you to transform text to maps. If desired, you may even copy text from other apps, e-mails, documents, or web pages to have Ideament automatically generate mind maps.

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Additional Information

Learning Skills Addressed


Reasoning / Logical Thinking

Content Organization Tool


Analysis & Synthesis Tool, Creativity Tool

Memory & Retention


I have difficulty planning papers or written assignments, I need to make an outline before I can write an organized paper

Planning and Organization

I have difficulty studying for quizzes, tests, and exams, I like to plan my assignments in detail


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