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App Type: Note-taking

If you have trouble staying organized then you need to get your hands on this! Think of it as note-taking 2.0, with limitless options to create the most detail oriented notes. Keep notes and essential reminders, including goals, timelines and plans organized and in synch with Evernote. You can group all of your notes into virtual notebooks and easily access all of your documents in one simple place. Since this syncs your notes across all devices, you can work from anywhere. Create new notes, checklists, organize your research, articles, documents, and photos. Upgrade to premium to get offline capabilities, PDF annotation, remove upload limitations, and gain the ability to create slideshow presentations.

Developer URL: https://www.evernote.com

*Free w/ optional in-app upgrades to Plus ($9.99/mo) or Premium ($12.49/mo)

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Visual Processing

Content Organization Tool

Research Tool

Analysis & Synthesis Tool

Creativity Tool


I have difficulty planning papers or written assignments, I need to make an outline before I can write an organized paper


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