Educreations Interactive Whiteboard

Educreations Interactive Whiteboard
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Educreations Interactive Whiteboard


Product Description

App Type: Note-taking / Concept Mapping

Attention all learners: you need this app! This interactive whiteboard is your blank canvas to draw, type, insert audio, video, and images to create compelling content in all shapes and forms. Learn as you interact with this app, while using every type of skill – from visual to auditory – to share with other Educreation users in real-time. You can annotate images to give them meaningful descriptions. Post your creation online, on Facebook, or Twitter. Premium add-ons available features like unlimited online storage.

Developer URL: httpss://

App Store URL: httpss://

*Free w/ Premium option ($11.99/month)

Additional Information

Learning Skills Addressed


Reasoning / Logical Thinking

Content Organization Tool

Creativity Tool

Visual Processing


I have difficulty planning papers or written assignments, I need to make an outline before I can write an organized paper

Planning and Organization

I like to plan my assignments in detail


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