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Product Description

App Type: Text to speech

If note taking is not your strength, you need not worry. This voice-recognition app allows you to dictate what you want typed. This is perfect for on-the-go situations during which you are not at a desk but need to take down information, as it works hands free. This app greatly assists students in writing assignments and serves as an easy and efficient alternative to manually typing out assignments. Dragon Anywhere Mobile comes with an editing feature that provides a list of suggested words to help you better articulate your notes.

Please note, the student will need to Purchase a Dragon Naturally Speaking License.  Below is the link to the mobile app: Dragon Anywhere Mobile.  If you need assistance to purchase this software please contact your advisor.

Developer URL: https://www.nuance.com/dragon/industry/education-solutions.html


Additional Information

Learning Skills Addressed


Creativity Tool


Hearing what I have written out loud helps me to correct my writing, I can’t always remember how to spell words, I type very slowly, Spell check helps me find my spelling errors, Word prediction helps me to write


I need to read a passage over several times before I understand it, I remember information better when I hear it out loud


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