Audio Note with Voice Recorder


Audio Note with Voice Recorder


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App Type: Note taking

Tired thumbs? This app will prevent you from blistering your fingers by translating audio to text. This is great for keeping up with fast-talking lecturers, or group discussions where your note taking can’t keep up with the speed of different speakers. This app is great for those who enjoy taking jot notes, as it allows you to record in-depth audio messages to supplement them. Stay organized with the feature of automatic indexing of meetings, classes, interviews, lectures and much more! To help keep up with your notes, texts and visuals become highlighted during playback for ultimate screen narration. This app allows you to share notes and audio files.

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Learning Skills Addressed


Memory & Retention

Auditory Processing

Content Organization Tool


Hearing what I have written out loud helps me to correct my writing


I remember information better when I hear it out loud


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