Assistive Technology Apps for Students

The App Matrix has now been converted to an online Mobile App Selection Tool.

The tool is available online for beta testing and you can access it at https://aumast.ca.

This tool allows you to:

  • Browse all of the apps offered by AU’s Assistive Technology Department
  • Request apps that might be helpful or interesting to you
  • Track the status of your app requests
  • Return an app if you are finished with it early.
  • Provide ongoing comments and feedback about the tool

All apps are free of charge and are loaned to you, just like a library book. The Assistive Technologist will manually review your app requests. If approved, the selected apps will be deployed to your iPad device within 48 hours (excluding holidays and weekends).

The deployment process is automated and you will receive notification when deployment is complete.

Please note: Apps are automatically returned to the Assistive Technology Department at the conclusion of your course.