10/17/16 – App of the Week: EasyBib

10/17/16 – App of the Week: EasyBib

Properly citing and referencing papers can be both challenging and time consuming. For students taking courses across disciplines, you may even find yourself having to prepare reference lists that are formatted quite differently. To help you with this potentially tedious, yet important academic task, we’re recommending that you try EasyBib. 

This app allows you to cite your sources in a variety of formats, including APA and MLA, at the tap of your finger. For example, you can copy and paste URLs into the app and it will automatically generate a citation in the correct format without you having to enter in biographical or publication details. For other resources such as books, newspapers and journal articles, easy-to-complete form fields allow you to type in the requested information (e.g. author, publication name, date etc) and the citation will automatically be formatted for you. When you’re done referencing for an assignment, you can use the app to email a properly-formatted reference list for you to include in your submission.

If you’re currently working on an assignment that requires accurate referencing, we encourage you to give EasyBib a try today!

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