09/26/16 – App of the Week: Flashcards Deluxe

09/26/16 – App of the Week: Flashcards Deluxe

You asked and we answered! Based on feedback from our discussions with you, we understand that many students are looking for a way to study for quizzes and tests. The use of flashcards has been a tried and true method of reviewing terminology, concepts and theories. Flashcards Deluxe is a digital reinvention of paper flashcards, allowing you to create questions (with text, images, audio, video, drawings etc) to help you prepare for knowledge-based questions commonly found on quizzes and tests.

Some app features include:

  • The ability to download over 4 million pre-made flashcards for all ages and topics (e.g. math, spelling, grammar, psychology, science etc)
  • The ability to create your custom flashcards for your specific course
  • Answer tracking to keep track of how many answers you got right or wrong.
  • Backup, collaboration and sharing capabilities via Dropbox, e-mail and Google Docs
  • Text-to-speech engine allowing the card questions and answers to be read back to you

Learn more about Flashcards Deluxe today. If you are already using the app, be sure to leave a rating and review. If you have ideas to share on how to use the app, please reply below. Your classmates will greatly appreciate your insights.

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  • Phobosdeimos Posted October 22, 2016 3:02 pm

    I have found this app to be the best for flash cards. The best way to learn this app was to do the Quick Tutorial at https://aumast.ca. What helped me with Flash cards deluxe was setting some time aside to learn the program and having some patience. Once it is up and running you won’t regret this choice. I tried using Brainscape and Quizlet both good programs but I think you will be happiest with Flash Cards Deluxe. I rate this 9 out of 10.

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