09/19/2016 – App of the Week: OneNote

09/19/2016 – App of the Week: OneNote

Based on participant feedback and demand, we have added the OneNote app to our library. OneNote is a powerful and multi-purpose tool that allows you take notes on the spot in a variety of formats. You can treat the app as if it were a block of sticky/post-it notes combined together in a digital notebook, all without the hassle of carrying a physical one around.

Here are some examples of how this app might be helpful for you:

  • Type out on-the-spot notes (e.g. important reminders, tips, to-do lists etc)
  • Take a picture using the iPad camera and paste it to OneNote (great for capturing diagrams, charts, graphs etc for future studying)
  • Record an audio note and play it back for when it’s more convenient (e.g. tutorial, lecture etc)
  • Scribble, handwrite and/or draw your notes using different pen colours and shapes

Learn more about OneNote and/or request it from our library today! 

If you are already using OneNote, we’d like to hear from you below! Let your peers know how you are using OneNote for your studies and feel free to share any tips or tricks you might have.

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