09/12/16 – App of the Week: iAnnotate

09/12/16 – App of the Week: iAnnotate

We’ve received a lot of feedback from our participants about the need for an app that makes highlighting and jotting notes easy. One highly-rated app available in our library is iAnnotate. This app allows you mark up any online resource such as an e-textbook, lecture notes, PowerPoint slides, charts, diagrams etc. You can highlight text in these files, scribble notes in the margins, circle important points or content, answer homework questions, do rough work etc. The possibilities are endless.

Have a look at the iAnnotate app and submit an online request if you would like to try it. If you already have experience with the app, please take a moment to write a review and/or leave a rating on the app product page, or share how you use the app through the comment tool below.

Happy studies!

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