08/22/16 – App of the Week: Read & Write for iPad

08/22/16 – App of the Week: Read & Write for iPad

Read&Write for iPad is an alternative keyboard for typing on the iPad that includes word prediction, speak as I type and spell check which all speed up typing accuracy on the iPad. It works in many applications and  everyday tasks like emailing, working on documents, browsing the web and using online forms. It becomes a keyboard choice  just like your symbols keyboard.

What adds to this very cool tool is its included Safari floating toolbar to help with reading, online highlighting, and dictionary tools to help with essays, assignments or general reading and writing. If you’re using your Safari browser, just touch text on the screen to hear it read out loud with on-screen highlighting of what’s being read or look up the highlighted word.

Learn more about Read & Write and/or request it today.

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